Who Sang Downfall of Heaven? Graveworm

Graveworm Ascending Hate cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-6-19
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
length: 4:56
Death will strike again

I feel the wrath - this is the final stand
I feel the shame - when I cross your path

I want to hear the screams
I want to feel the pain
I will control your mind and thoughts
I've searched for blood - the vengeance unfold
For every single thing - your destiny is mine

Your destiny is mine!

I walk the path of life again
This is something I shall not forget

Never doubt the power of life
I will stand my ground for my god
Guard your strength
Approaching the end

Light your sign
March toward Death

I see your world - before it starts to burn
I feel the hate - when you crushed to the ground

Open the gates of hell
I see the fire burn
A new found path - an endless wrath
The army rises - the shadows of past
Only vengeance will give me pleasure

So now we fight the world again
An ancient legion breaks the chains
We draw our strength - rising to the sky
Let the heaven fall once again
Let the heaven fall once again

I brought to life
My legions unleashed
With dark deception
They serve to kill
The downfall of heaven
It will never rise again

CD 1
  • 1 The Death Heritage
  • 2 Buried Alive
  • 3 Blood, Torture and Death
  • 4 To the Empire of Madness
  • 5 Downfall of Heaven
  • 6 Stillborn
  • 7 Liars to the Lions
  • 8 Rise Again
  • 9 Son of Lies
  • 10 Nocturnal Hymns II (The Death Anthem)