Who Sang Hell’s Creation? Graveworm

Graveworm Diabolical Figures cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-26
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Black Metal
length: 4:06
composer: Eric Righi, Thomas Orgler, Stefan Fiori
lyricist: Stefan Fiori

I made the world suffer in Hell
Devour the soul of light
I am the sign, blood of revenge
Spirit of the black, servants of death

Slaughter of the weak
Diabolical son of pleasure

I saw demons
I feel blood
I saw legions

I saw the world burn in Hell
I saw demons call from grave
I saw blood all over me
I saw legions marching through
Take my knife in your heart
Feel the pain in your mind
Slowly death is my love
I am Hell’s creation son

Follow the traces of blood throughout the world
Chose the way of pain for hopeless souls
Facing their false god again and again in the dark
Living in fear and pain, creation of Hell

Full of anger, they will die
Imprisoned by my evil sins
Hatred sign, will they see?
Fill a monstrous mask of blood
Days of darkness, they will fall
Desperate cries pierce the air
Isolation, they will cross
Hell’s creation, they will die

Hell’s creation

In furious hate
Hell’s creation
Mutilate by knife

Hell’s creation
Hell’s creation

CD 1
  • 1 Vengeance Is Sworn
  • 2 Circus of the Damned
  • 3 Diabolical Figures
  • 4 Hell’s Creation
  • 5 Forlorn Hope
  • 6 Architects of Hate
  • 7 New Disorder
  • 8 Message in a Bottle
  • 9 Ignorance of Gods
  • 10 The Reckoning