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Release information
Release Date: 1996-3-5
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Techno/Industrial
length: 4:21
producer: Gravity Kills
mixer: John Fryer
recording engineer: Doug Firley
composer: Gravity Kills
Looking through your window, a million miles from me
My ears are bleeding from the silence, echoing like rain
I cannot see, leaping from your window, the fall
To set me free. A leap of faith is all I ask. Remove
Myself from all that used to be. Now I'm here
for all to see, everything torn out of me, too
Late to drown in all my doubt. Too much too
Late to sort things out: when the clock is
Ticking. A twisted face I see, my sight is blinded
By the darkness, it doesn't mean a fucking thing
To me, turning from my window. Nothing phases me
I built this perfect little hellhole. It seems to
Be the perfect place for me, now I'm here for
All to see. Everything torn out of me, too late
To drown in all my doubt too much too late to
Sort things out:

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