Who Sang Come to Me? Greg X. Volz

Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Rock

I see the bruises
When you fall on your face
I feel the achin'
When you suffer disgrace
I know the pressure
Of a world weary heart
Runnin' on empty
And refusin' to start

I saw you sittin'
Starin' out at the rain
Thinkin' that you
Didn't have the money again
I know you're hungry and
You're missing your friends
Don't know where to go...

Come to Me, come to Me
All you that hurt
And carry heavy loads
Come to Me, come to Me
And you can lay down
Your head for awhile

I heard you cryin'
When your daddy ran out
I felt you pullin' back
From Me in your doubt
I know sometimes you
Think of jerkin' the plug
Don't know where to go...


I saw the things
That you did that you
Never got the credit for
I saw the effort
That you made when they
Had already shut the door
I burned with you inside
When the criminals walked away
I, too, see the justice castrated by the
But you can find justice in Me


CD 1
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  • 2 Set Up (To Take a Fall)
  • 3 Man Overboard
  • 4 In the Course of Time
  • 5 Marching On
  • 6 Freedom Train
  • 7 The Exodus
  • 8 On Bended Knees
  • 9 Come to Me
  • 10 Standin'