Ghost Lyrics - Gretchen Peters

Release information
Release Date: 2007-4-9
length: 4:20
there was a girl who used to live here
sometimes you still can hear her laugh
see her planting in the garden
see her soaking in the bath

but you let her beauty go unnoticed
you let her music go unheard
you should have listened when she told you
you should have hung on every word

now i'm a ghost, i haunt this house
and wait for love to lift this shroud
take these withered dreams and let 'em go
i'm a ghost, i'm what remains
i walk these halls and curse these chains
and think about the things i loved the most
i'm a ghost

if i was looking for redemption
well i know it isn't here
and i won't hang around forever
so you can watch me disappear

so now i'm stuck here in this limbo
waiting for my soul's release
maybe a garden of my own somewhere
where i can find a little peace

it's much too late for blame
but would it have killed you to say my name?

i'm a ghost...

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