To Say Goodbye Lyrics - Gretchen Peters

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Release Date: 2007-4-9
length: 5:19
Children playin’, night is fallin’
Stars are winkin’ in the sky
Supper’s cookin’, mama’s callin’
But they’re not ready to say goodbye

While you’ve been sleepin’, I’ve been walkin’
I’ve been restless but I swear I don’t know why
I’m not cryin’, it’s just rainin’
I’m not ready to say goodbye

We are dreamers, slowly wakin’
We are shootin’ stars across a midnight sky
We are strangers in the makin’
We’re not ready to say goodbye

I’m no angel, I’m no demon
I'm no Christian but I ain’t afraid to die
I’m not leavin', I’m just goin'
'Cause you’re not ready to say goodbye

Ghosts and angels on my street now
Yes and there but for the grace of God, go I
So draw the curtain, light the lamp now
'Cause I’m not ready to say goodbye
You’re not ready to say goodbye
We’re not ready

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