Who Sang Creeper? Griffin

Release information
Release Date: 1984
length: 4:01
From out of the night a cry from far below the streets
Deep in the heart of the city
An underground world remains to be unknown
Don't expect it to be very pretty
Can't walk the streets at night untested, don't walk along,
You never know what lurks behind
Some night you might just meet the creeper
Better beware the creeper seems to read your mind

You're on your way home, you‘re starting to unwind
From a day of tension and strain
You ask yourself why you're not alone tonight
Now you're starting to feel very strange
Don't overlook the unexpected, can't understand
Something's in the air tonight
You feel the presence of the creeper
Losing your nerve, you can't escape the sudden fright
You're not laughing

Trapped in an alley, only one way out
Now you see what you've done to yourself
You're coming unglued, got your back to the wall
Could this be an illusion so tell
There's something creeping down the alley
Don't make a sound, your heart is beating like a drum
Trapped like a rat, God only knows, what fate awaits you
Needless to say you only wish that you had run
The time has come to meet the creeper
Bigger than life as he appears with eyes of fire
Prince of the night, now there's a shadow cast upon you
Fear for your life, he gives and takes what he desires

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Hawk the Slayer
  • 2 Heavy Metal Attack
  • 3 Submission
  • 4 Creeper
  • 5 Flight of the Griffin
  • 6 Fire in the Sky
  • 7 Hell Runneth Over
  • 8 Judgement Day
  • 9 Traveling in Time