Who Sang Fire in the Sky? Griffin

Release information
Release Date: 1984
length: 4:46
Has anybody even stopped to wonder
Where the future lies
Running from the devil, always poisoning my mind
Ride a train to nowhere, could be running out of time
Let's put a to all the madness, living just to die
The grand illusion, World war III
It need be no surprise
The dogs of war they have no conscious
Fill us full of lies
There aint no use in talking, they don't care to realize
Be melting into nothingness like right before our eyes

Nowhere to run, the time bomb's ticking
Nowhere to run, don't wanna die
No place to hide, be no escaping
Can't fight the fire in the sky

Traveling past the speed of light, super sonic blast
People falling all around to the ground
They're falling much to fast
It's much to late, you can't escape, too late to be saved
You realize you're about to die, it's a breath away

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Hawk the Slayer
  • 2 Heavy Metal Attack
  • 3 Submission
  • 4 Creeper
  • 5 Flight of the Griffin
  • 6 Fire in the Sky
  • 7 Hell Runneth Over
  • 8 Judgement Day
  • 9 Traveling in Time