Who Sang Flight of the Griffin? Griffin

Release information
Release Date: 1984
length: 6:08
Ascends to the earth in the form, and the spirit as one
Created the sovereign protector, his kingdon has come

Among the stars in the sky, there's magic in the air
A kingdom of fire, destroyers everywhere
By light of the moon, a golden figure stands
A symbol of God, a conqueror of man
Spreads his wings from out of the sun, a king of all kings
The cross that he bears, the road that he holds, his story‘s been told
He peers fron above, through misty morning fog
The moment is right, it shouldn't take too long
Down from the sky, in search of precious stone
Will not be denied what he admires most

Stacks his prey, his presence is felt, his power so great
He lives by the cross, possesses magic claws, his reign lingers on and on

Rose from the ashes, successor to the throne
Place of his origin isn‘t known
He seems to exist, been seen in nany forms
The winged beast appears and then he goes
Where, no one knows, to seek out the treasure of his soul

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Hawk the Slayer
  • 2 Heavy Metal Attack
  • 3 Submission
  • 4 Creeper
  • 5 Flight of the Griffin
  • 6 Fire in the Sky
  • 7 Hell Runneth Over
  • 8 Judgement Day
  • 9 Traveling in Time