Who Sang Hawk the Slayer? Griffin

Release information
Release Date: 1984
length: 4:20
To my God, hear me now, give me strength to be brave
Through the heat and the smoke, there‘s but little to save
The fires raged on throughout the night, and now through the day
Many deaths have been tolled, now the price must be paid
a**emble at once, tonight we ride
Horses gaining as torches flame through the
Black night, riders have come to destroy
It's the last frontier, it's a night of fear
Brave riders will fall prey, they answer the call this day
Don't stop crossing burning bridges past the night watch
Lead the quest for independence
Hawk has come to claim his vengeance
Hen have tried, many men have died
To oppose the dark one, your life's in your hands
You had best beware, you must be prepared
Together we break through, there‘s no time to lose
He must stand, we must protect the land
The mighty hawk must not be stopped
He weilds his sword cast by his lord
The fog is creeping in, the battle must begin, we fight

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Hawk the Slayer
  • 2 Heavy Metal Attack
  • 3 Submission
  • 4 Creeper
  • 5 Flight of the Griffin
  • 6 Fire in the Sky
  • 7 Hell Runneth Over
  • 8 Judgement Day
  • 9 Traveling in Time