Who Sang Hell Runneth Over? Griffin

Release information
Release Date: 1984
length: 3:38
High in the mountains and up in the hills for thrills
A place that's so sacred that not many will talk about the chills
Fresh mountain air leaves you little to spare, backpacker's dream
Must not be fooled by the beauty, it isn't what it seems
A legend is known of a friend who spreads terror in the hills
Who sought out his victims, never was caught, the legend lives
Still people avoid to see truth as it stares them in the eyes
They don't hear the warning until it's too late or time to die

Hell runneth over, danger is lurking in the woods
Hell runneth over, something is wrong it's understood
Hell runneth over, could be a shadow in the night
Hell runneth over, better beware, fear for you life
Innocent victims get lost in the woods most every day
Can't even imagine or couldn't care less what people say
Stalking the campgrounds, prowling the trails, he comes and goes
Can't be too careful alone in the woods, be on your toes

Hell runneth over, hiking alone along the trail
Hell runneth over, pray that you live to tell the tale
Hell runneth over, notice that everything is still
Hell runneth over, sun's going down, you get a chill
Tension is mounting, don‘t know what‘s taken over you
Thought you saw something, too scared to look, you could be through
Don't know what‘s out there, only it‘s getting very near
Running in circles, you're getting confused, nothing is clear

Hell runneth over, eyes are upon your every move
Hell runneth over, all by yourself, what can you do
Hell runneth over, isn't it true you chose your fate
Run out of time, your life's on the line, now it's too late

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  • 7 Hell Runneth Over
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