Who Sang What in the World? Grotus

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length: 4:01
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hot vinyl sweaty b*** traffic jam casualty
dead stopped on highway 580
turns off the ignition, jumps out and chucks the key
says "sometimes I just don't like driving"
and I wonder what in the world
used needles, condoms, and cans full of Ready Whip
Death cigs and 40 dog mountains
red splattered paint on the sidewalk lined in tape
was someone's art final project
and I wonder what in the world
this pregnant shuffling basketcase family
three puppies, tie-dies, and hands out
their smiling dirty stoned faces ask for change
I mumble "sorry" and pass 6 more like them
I wonder what in the world
I've gotten used to the sweet, stinky smell of it
we talk like we're in a movie
best entertainment value for the buck
just push rewind and put in the next tape.
and wonder what in the world

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    script: Latin