Who Sang The Astrologer? Gryphon

Gryphon Gryphon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1973
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Prog Rock
length: 3:16
It's of a bold astrologer in London town did dwell
At telling maidens fortunes there's none could him excel
There was a nice young serving girl a-living there close by
She went one day to the astrologer all for to have a try
"I hear that you tell fortunes sir would you tell me mine?" said she
"Of course my dear without a doubt if you'll come upstairs with me"
"To come upstairs with you kind sir I fear I am afraid"
She spoke it in such modesty as if she was a maid

"To come upstairs with me my dear you need not be afraid
Knowing it was but the other day you with your master laid"
Then she began to curse and swear she would her master bring
As witness for both him and her that it was no such thing
"My pretty maid don't swear and curse you'll make the deed the worse
For the crown piece that he gave to you you've got it in your purse"
"Oh indeed you can tell fortunes sir you've told me mine" said she
Then out she pulled the crown piece "good morning sir" said she

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