Who Sang The Devil and the Farmer's Wife? Gryphon

Gryphon Gryphon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1973
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Prog Rock
length: 1:59
There was an old man who lived near Hell's gate
What happened to him I soon will relate
The Devil he called upon him one day
"Tomorrow one of your family I must take away" ("yea" [laughter])
This put the old man in terrible fright
But good mr. Devil soon put him quite right
"It's not your eldest son I crave
But that d___ scolding old b____ of a wife you have-a"
So the Devil he carried her off on his back
Just like a bold scotsman carrying his pack
The Devil he brought her close to Hell's door
"Get along in you d___ scolding old w____"
She saw some young devils all hanging in chains
She ripped off her mittens and dashed out their brains [incomprehensible voices]
Some more little devils looked over the wall
"Take her back daddy she'll murder us all"
So the Devil he canted her over Hell's wall
She fell on her a___ one hell of a fall
Which proves that women are worse than the men
If they go to hell they get thrown out again

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