Who Sang Midnight Crime? Guardians of Time

Guardians of Time Edge of Tomorrow cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Speed Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 2:40
Fear has caught you again.
Time has come to pay for your crime.
Fury will remain.

Thought's go back in time.
What is my crime?

Stronger, aggressive. Born in the night.
A hellion is back in the night.
Just like a spider attacking it's prey.
No more will in sight.

Thought's go back in time.
What is my crime?

Left on the asphalt, pain is intense.
A gun is raised to my head.
Just like a thunder, the silence is gone.
A body left for dead.

Through these blood red eyes,
heading towards the skies.
Time to pay for your crime.
Your soul will be mine.

CD 1
  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Guardians of Time
  • 3 Payback
  • 4 High Octane
  • 5 Edge of Tomorrow
  • 6 Midnight Crime
  • 7 Sail Away
  • 8 Soul Reaper
  • 9 As the Morning Rise
  • 10 Tearless
  • 11 Torn Apart
  • 12 Gladiator