Who Sang Who's Cadillac? Gucci Crew II

Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Bass Music/Hip Hop
length: 4:27

1, 2
1, 2, 3, kick it

Woah oh oh
Woah oh oh
Say what?
Woah oh oh
(Who's Cadillac is that?)
It's mine

Woah oh oh
Say what?
Woah oh oh
Woah oh oh
(Who's Cadillac is that?)
It's mine

[Verse 1]
(Who's Cadillac is that) Yo the Caddy's mine
With crush velvet seats that are real refined
Looking nice and pretty with my chunky Trues and Vogues
A grill on the front and it's made from solid gold
Girlies on my tip, they all wanna dip
But when I tell them no, they think that I'm a trip
So they jock me and clock me to ride in my Caddy
But you know you're not ready to ride with the daddy
Money on the dash, curtains in the window
TV inside the back so I can play Nintendo
And a pack in the back, in case I want to splack
Now you know baby who's Cadillac is that


[Verse 2]
(Who's Cadillac is that) Yours truly of course
I know you want to ride but this ain't no horse
It's a lean machine, you know what I mean?
The Caddy's my throne and I am the king
All across the back, the boom is nicely stacked
The 9 is in effect in case you want to jack
My Caddy's on your mind, I see you sweating bullets
Show me a girl and bet my Caddy pull it
Just proving a point and hope it's well taken
When the Caddy says Gucci you know it's not fakin'
I thought it was fresh so I put it on wax
Now you know baby who's Cadillac is that


(Who's Cadillac is that) Ha, with a cellular phone
(Who's Cadillac is that) Cause the Caddy is a Brougham
(Who's Cadillac is that) Girl, won't you leave me alone
(Who's Cadillac is that) LD, pump this song


[Verse 3]
(Who's Cadillac is that) Yo that Caddy's mine
And best believe it baby, it's the top of the line
Everything inside is computerized, it's like KITT but bigger
What's the estimate figure?
One-point-five, 2 million yeah even
All sorts of things my Caddy is achievin'
My Caddy can float, so I use it as a boat
I think it can fly, but on a serious note
When my Caddy says Gucci it's simply saying [raw?]
So go ahead and sweat cause it's down by law
I think it was fresh so I'm putting it on wax
Now you know baby doll who's Cadillac is that

[Chorus X2]

(Who's Cadillac is that anyway?)

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  • Release information
    label: Gucci Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 053993331422
    script: Latin