Who Sang Go Head? Gucci Mane feat. Mac Bre-Z

Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-24
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Bass Music
length: 5:05
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[Little Boy]
This a Nitty Beat!

Yeah! [7x]
Go head...go head! [4x]
Baby girl go head...go head!
Go head...go head [3x]

[Hook 2x]
Shawty got a ass on her (on her!)
I'mma put my hands on her (on her!)
I'mma spend a couple grand on her (On her!)
I'mma pop a rubberband on her (on her!)

[Gucci Mane]
I'm tryna figure which chick I'mma see today (See today)
Picked up a young girl looked like Lisa Raye (Lisa Raye)
When I seen her in the club, said "I gots to get her" (Gots to get her)
Cuz she looked like she might be Trina sister (Trina Sister)
Got a girl looked just like Lauryn Hill (Lauryn Hill)
Took her to the crib cuz she know what it is (Know what it is)
Luv her momma, but I can't stand her daddy tho' (Daddy tho')
Plus she got mo' ass than Jacki-O (Jackie-O)
Got a brown-skinned girl like Foxy Brown (Foxy Brown)
Bought a quarter-pound just to blow it down (Blow it down)
Tattoos all over like Eve or sumthin' (Eve or sumthin)
Long hair but it must be weave or sumthin' (Weave or sumthin)
Got a spot, so I bought a new furniture (Furniture)
Cuz she pretty in the face like Monica (Monica)
I really dig the girl
So I gave her a ticket to Gucci World

Go head...go head! [4x]
Baby girl go head...go head!
Go head...go head [3x]

[Hook 2x]

I'm in the club, nigga's screamin "Who the hell is that?" (who the hell is that?)
That girl with that ass all on her back
I got the Fi' red thong and a bra to match (and a bra to match)
I'm a real boss bitch, and I'm hard to catch (what, what, what)
Mac-Breeze! Pimpin ain't easy nigga
You can leave me, cuz I don't really need you nigga (I don't need you!)
I got a chevy and you hear 'fore you see me nigga (Fore you see me nigga!)
Cuz my momma showed the mac' how to treat a nigga
And I'm a top-notch bitch that talk shit, But I takes it (I takes some)
Hair stay fixed, jump fresh wit my nails done (My nails done)
My bracelet, make niggas sick, so you already know (Hey! 5x)
That when I step up in the club, I be rockin stillettos!
I'm a jazzy girl, a straight classy girl (Straight classy girl)
And you never hear a nigga say I'm nasty girl (I ain't nasty girl)
And you'll never meet a girl that'll shine like me (Shine like me)
Cuz I'm wit that Gucci Mane and "I'm so Icy"


[Hook 2x]

[Gucci Mane]
Your nigga jealous say you ain't got time for that (Time for that)
All that shake, can a nigga get some fries wit that? (Fries with that)
To her ass, I gotta say hi to that (Hi to that)
Hair blond for a minute til she dyed it black (She dyed it black)
In the club wit her girls, everybody pretty (Pretty)
Say she used to dance at Magic City (City)
Go girl (Go Girl!)
To the floor girl (Floor Girl!)
Shake it real slow like a pro girl (Pro Girl)
Hit the dro girl (Dro Girl)
Cuz it's your world (Your world)
Danced one time, Did this some mo girl (Mo girls)
Gucci in the club, two rubberband banks (Banks)
Smokin bubble kush and the shit just stank! (Stank?)
Six girls dancin at the same time (Same Time)
Never seen a hood ho so damn fine (So fine)
Turn around Baby girl, damn you cute!
I ain't tryna come at you like a prostitute!


[Hook 2x]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Trap House
  • 3 That’s All
  • 4 Booty Shorts
  • 5 Icy
  • 6 Two Thangs
  • 7 Money Don’t Matter
  • 8 That’s My Hood
  • 9 Lawnmower Man
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  • 12 Black Tee
  • 13 Corner Cuttin’
  • 14 Independent Balling Like a Major #2
  • 15 Hustle
  • 16 Damn Shawty
  • 17 Go Head
  • 18 Outro

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 699977301625
    script: Latin