Outta Proportion Lyrics - Gucci Mane

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Release information
Release Date: 2018-12-7
length: 2:24
Cook that **** up Quay
It's Gucci (Evil)
Hah (Genius)
Fast coupe, haha (Nyoom)
(Mr. Nice Guy, haha)

If you ain't 'bout lettin' that choppa go, we ain't got none in common (No)
I hate snitches, I like *****es (Snitch), but I'm so in love with money (Money)
Had to cut some of my kinfolks off, they didn't keep it one hundred (What's up?)
If I said it, then I done it (Huh?)
**** that fake love, I don't want it
Time to renegotiate my contract
*****, I feel like Andre Drummond (Wow)
Thumbin' through a half a mil' on Instagram lookin' like I play on Sundays
You just chick who suck my ****
Miss Lady, you're not the other woman (No)
**** a friendship that's platonic (No)
I need a friend that keeps me cumming (No, no)
Touch down in Boston, Gucci be flossin'
I'm about to ghost on Cold Steve Austin (Scooch)
Thieves on my trail, but you know I lost 'em (Scooch)
Four pipes, yeah I quadruple exhaust 'em
Outta this world like Marvin the Martian (Hah)
Fifty a verse and I'm on the charts
These rappers so fake that they screamin', "Extortion"
My choppa keep blowin' **** out of proportion
Shout out these saucin', *****s are horsin'
Booties and *******, the perfect proportion
Postin' a pic and it's makin' me horny (Yeah)
Baby these karats, these are not pointers
Killin' that *****, I'm Gucci Kevorkian
Ballin' in Fresno like Jerry Tarkanian (Yeah)
Gucci's the alien, I'm from uranium
Droppin' the top, yeah I'm crackin' the cranium (Drop)
All in the stadium (Top) like I play (Guwop), all my kinfolks call me Ray (Ray)
Then my grandad look at me, like, "I'm so damn glad you lit"
Why is your jewelry, lookin' aluminum
Why's it dull, what did you do to them
I'm gettin' ****ed, pockets on stuffed (Ooh)
Dressin' like a plug, yeah I stay dripped up (Scooch)
Knocked me down, picked 'em up
Salt me down, yeah **** me up (Yeah **** me up)
Too turnt up, too turnt up
Knocked me down, but I picked them up (Whoa)
Salt me down, salt me down
Yeah they salt me down, but I turnt them up (No)
But I'm too turnt up (Too), I'm so up (Up, up, up, up)

Outta proportion, outta proportion
My choppa keep blowin' **** outta proportion
Outta proportion, outta proportion
My choppa keep blowin' **** outta proportion
Outta proportion, outta proportion
Outta pro-outta proportion
Blowin' **** outta proportion, outta proportion
My choppa keep blowin' **** outta proportion

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