Slow Train Lyrics - Guillemots

Guillemots Walk the River cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-4-18
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Indie Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 4:42
Am I a ghost
Am I an animal
Am I an angel
Am I God
Am I meaningless
Am I anything at all
Am I
Am I a spirit
Am I the chaos
Am I the light
Am I alright
Am I loved
Am I an alien
Am I a sight
Am I alright
Am I a dream
Am I a memory
Am I a wave
Am I okay
Am I the stars
And am I infinite
Am I a mist
Will I be missed
Am I
Are you there
Are you listening
Are you anything at all
And are you good
Are you infinite
Are you awake
Am I okay
I am

CD 1
  • 1 Walk the River
  • 2 Vermillion
  • 3 I Don't Feel Amazing Now
  • 4 Ice Room
  • 5 Tigers
  • 6 Inside
  • 7 I Must Be a Lover
  • 8 Slow Train
  • 9 Sometimes I Remember Wrong
  • 10 The Basket
  • 11 Dancing in the Devil's Shoes
  • 12 Yesterday Is Dead