Who Sang Beautiful Death? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 1:22
producer: Katalyst

Yea Simpson
Trust you get a beautiful death
Considerable step strong
When I’m moving my reps
Benz pressing power lifting
I still threw while i was checking
My roll dogs got powder flipping
My domonic dogs with the draws
I see no flaws everybody in the crowd sniffing
My presence got these cowards shifting
And they see it when they turn on the beat
My lady got a purse with the heat
Be careful your mouth might get you hurt in the streets
All facts even though I’m known for war raps
And stayed strapped you choose the wrong one to car jack
You need a vest and a hard hat
To show us where the mall’s at
Buys fits trying on shit you eye my grip then
Nah I’m just going to spit
It's no doubt I’m going to stay connected like a roll house
I don't talk much but my pistol is a motor mouth
I calm them down when they showing out
Let off a round and then i throw it out

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