Who Sang Detroit’s Son? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 3:22
producer: Katalyst

[Verse 1]
(Afternoon afternoon)
I’m trying to have ice chandeliers
Buying stamps near
Saw me flash with the cash
Paradise in the mirror
Sights for my peers
I tell them short stories
Fam was like I feel ya seeing
All of that for me
I’m fast like a 4 4 40
Women wanna score me and have me on Maury
Grave mistake trying to play me like a shorty
I’m treacherous make it look effortless
Breaking up my quarterlies
Me and my disorderlies
Blowing smoke signals to a shorter way of pouring these
Hoodrats porter peas or should I say peas porter
While my enemy’s stares would freeze water
We need order yeah
I’m holding up four like we playing three quarters
I’m Back with a vengeance vowed to get revenge
Through my sentence
Before we kick the door off the hinges
My millimeter takes inches
You’re buried in the yard with your foot in the dentures
I'm getting it with interest
Slap my own arm at you insects
Without time to invest
I packed up, kissed my girl
Told her bye and left my footprints on the world
I couldn’t say your man’s not thorough
Gliding over hurdles so high my blood curdles
Elevated and I won’t stop till I’m celebrating
I’m doing this for those like you’ll never make it
Is that so we laughed about it with my fans at my last show
Cash flow coming I used to carve onions
Backed it up and got a rush when I let a half go
And now I’m like a rap natural reborn
Armstrong like the great Satchmo

Detroit’s son
And we get money till the law comes
Get it Detroit bred
For good luck I break a leg
The underdog underground underestimated
Piss pavement
Cracked a Johnny Walker got wasted
Straight no ice from the city
Where they’ll take your life
If you don’t wanna get left go right get it
The pain stays dormant
Dread the phone calls in the morning
Cuz it involves mourning
I heard my man’s beat took three
Broad day on 6 mile couldn’t say bye cuz I was touring
Another cold case they’re ignoring
Ensuring our work’s not important
They want me to follow these foreign policies
But what about the teens and the tourists
With the Taurus, aiming at civilians heartless
Grown man game amongst children
No I’m not in the building I’m building
I was told the way to give back is keep living
This vehicle of music is keeping me driven
And my tank’s all full so watch your mouth
I’m applying an old cop in the house
So I’m all about my chicken
And I take no bullshit
Detroit’s son and we getting money till the law comes
Get it Detroit bred
For good luck I break a leg
Detroit’s son [x3]

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