Who Sang Blue Collar? Guilty Simpson feat. eLZhi

eLZhi Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 3:18
producer: Katalyst

I’m a blue collar rama
And I’m on a body armor
Rode me down pull me now like a dally lama
From the city where the chopper is the party stopper
Over before it started coldhearted started
Starving from half a mill fuck gold artiste
What these fuckers eat sole garbage
Your man fell off i guess he had his carma
Keep your comments in something you not apart of
Stop dropping road flows road arsense
Terror is my error no margins
You blood splatter decorate apartments
They trying to figure where your parts went dark
That chrome make them run home like what you hear to partfence
A had a heart since knee high running in levis
Singing he ya yo oh macdonald
Got your bitch drinking in comeless caddle
And enough skills to deep throat the whole bottle
I’m so not your everyday AVG alo hollas
Flip over your atv It's long they will never see
I know what you need to destroy on the hpb
And squad go apb
I make them strip in them red shirts
Put your face on it, it takes moments
You don't have to wait on it i put in word too
I want same bonus and if It’s not same on us
Same notice I’m not a lane we don't have highs
Game of Gods of most giants
Stonehenge is diamond is my abdominal game
I like swallowing pain ingest destruction while
I wobble the plane
And he's serving his time for murdery lines
Make way i don't play the popular game oh fuck
I guess it makes no sense that I’m further convincing you
My pin hold down an upper peninsula
Life for a king i put a person on
If hiphop is dead then i don't think the success is real
Shout out to Bill living on the hill
Because I’m driven haters want to find the kill switch
They trying to stop me but your text is sloppy
To the freaks in the bed calling me papi
How do you want it the intellect is fatigue is dead
Thats a no no like sneaking a spread
Low low while you speaking to the feds
With photos that's where you got a sold album
To weaken your thread and more flows from the fountains
By force and know you off the high horse you on
Fuck a motivator ain’t nobody greater
Inside the equator for now and later
From digital to beta when i cater
I serve you like a waiter with subpoena papers
Put the pin game down constant
Fucking with me using insane clown posse
The one with the juggalo chicks drop them clothes
And hop all over my dick like where the rubber go
Damn yo you don't want it fair though
Going in and going off like ammo
You better don't have a cam though
It will never happen I was made with this gift of rapping
I got you for ever trapped in
I am made all i do is write rhymes
Get high and blaze Ryan Hayes
And age to my dying days while i lay in J’s
For L’s i get the sky praised

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