Who Sang Fractured? Guilty Simpson feat. Fat Ray

Fat Ray Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 3:08
producer: Katalyst

[Verse 1]
Break your bones when I bless the beats
Fractured I don’t care about stature
Action like it means nothing
Street core and you sing summit
I named a Nina Sheila E keep drumming
Seems to me y’all still fronting
But back out when you’re fronted on
So when the real shit comes along
They get allergic and break out the venue
Pain may depend move and
When it went away I had a lot of shit to say
Guess who’s sharp Hattori Hanzō
On point like Rondo
More like night rappers wanna force me right
But I still go left
Stomped to a steel toed death
Move cuz the real gone rep
Set to protect enforce and fight
Set to protect enforce and fight

[Chorus 2]
Check question
How many times must I give them that shit
Before I let them know that’s it
Say no more don’t rate my score
Just know they couldn’t take your bore
I hear what I wanted and made it fit
While the other can’t remix the remix
Then 420 fits the weed hit
Guilty Simpson repping that D shit
Detroit mother fuckers
Guns and butter
Burn the bread burn the foe when the whip burns rubber
Give them that certified gutter
Enemy in every word I utter
Getting green shit with my brothers
And I’m doing it like no other (I’m the king)
Break it down like this
And I’m doing it like no other (other)
Yeah we are
And we’re not afraid to say it

[Fat Ray]
Everybody know Fat Ray gonna choke the party
Smoke like Jamie and Marley
When niggas get carried away
Then the ambulance roll up
And niggas get carried away
It’s the captain of rap and filthy
In my building
Give them that Fat and Guilty
We burn until the gas is empty
Niggas got whacked
We came through the back and killed it
Your fake old shit
Pop pop nigga
Never tried doing that frayed old shit
I’m a speck to the yay old flip
Niggas whipping up pints that lean with the karo mix
Niggas don’t weigh no grits lay no hits
Can’t take bro no zits
Run no strip
Niggas blow don’t own bitch
I give them assignments
Make the hoe go on missions
Not just Call of Duty
She don’t play
Bright of day she straight up Uzi
Niggas gonna disintegrate
Grew up on the interstate
I was just 16 riding with that 28
Show my niggas what was so special about the 38
Walking in looking professional with the bird up (I’m the king)
Break it down like this
And I’m doing it like no other (hahaha yourself)
Break it down like this
And I’m doing it like no other (other) damn

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