Who Sang Smoking? Guilty Simpson feat. Spacek

Spacek Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 2:55
producer: Katalyst

Where’s my lighter
Give me something to start a brush fire
I need something to help me touch higher
Now I’m in the cloud puffing on louds
Smoking on some [x3]
Vibing out getting my mind right there right now
I will do it this way any given day
Folks so high smoking on hay
Lets get by you holding up hay
Rolling up hay burning time
Now we finding a nice pair of J’s
I smoke two time white pair of J’s
Some i say
Smoking on some [x3]
Smoking on some [x3]
Boy yah weed deh smell good ehno
Smoking on some [x3]
Take a draw off a dat deh
Smoking on some [x3]
Exhale then i take flight
Before this puff i hated life
You can’t tell me this ain’t right
You can’t tell me this ain’t nice
Trying to feel the friendly skies
White sheet where mary lies
Slow motion like I’m paralyzed
You can't tell me this ain’t tight
Smoking on some [x3]
With the crew
Burning a few ones there’s nothing to do
Sipping on brown sipping some brew
Fan stop by passing through
Twisting on more he had a bad tooth
Another session that's my que
To what to burn something
Smoking on some [x3]
Smoking on some [x3]
Tell him to light up a chalice in this bomboocloth
And if the feds come sniffing
Keep quiet we ain't trippin
Smoking on some [x3]

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