Who Sang O.J. Simpson? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson OJ Simpson cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-5-18
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 3:31

[Verse 1]
OJ Simpson pimpin, I'm like Pippen
I left the Bull shit to rock it
Hall of fame slang is the topic
I work with the best ok
Which means I'm punching in while the rest go play
You sensing the recession isn't even on my radar
For dough, I put it on the road like a K card
And AR, put 'em up there with the quasars
Guilty pleadin' homicide by my eight bar
I rep détroit til I lay dead
In a ? ? dirt like a king size bed
You playas need a lesson
Find another way to channel your aggression
I've seen babies more threatenin'
You a newborn, I pop the heat
Consider that getting rocked to sleep, Sweet dreams
We kings, still in the hood like street teams
Starting a commotion, who needs promotion?

It's OJ Simpson
Guilty, Madlib

[Verse 2]
7 mile ambassador, far from nice
Club owners tell 'em search me twice
Who cares
The streets talk about who's next to getting chalked and my ears
And baby new years
Crazy new gear hot fan me now
You can put a price-tag on my hand-me-downs
And make bank smokin in private frank
Saw a rapper talking shit - throwing rocks at tanks
Crushing theories, fans travel many miles just to hear me
Drop brand new style I bust severely
Live shows get respected
Cause on-stage the voice sounds better than the record
Simpson stomp blocks with a super clapper
There's none after, I euthanize rappers
For acting like dissing in a verse is cool
Your rhymes thirst for school this is mercy rule


[Voiceover samples]
Tower above all the others
You're gonna be a star
A perfect match
Put them together and watch the sparks fly

And when you start talking about writing things
You start thinking of the some of the things I talk about
He talks about the blind, the crippled, the handicapped

Yes I admit I do talk about those mothafuckas
Fuck 'em, they funny to me! They aren't like you
They be looking at you saying "look at the good walkin' son of a bitch."
Yeah I talk about 'em, fuck 'em. And when you start talking about kicking
A motherfucker in his ass, it only makes me think about our ex-president...
That lying-ass motherfucker. Yes I tell it like it is

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here he is - star, superstar, come on!

CD 1
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 O.J. Simpson
  • 4 Pimp Rap Interlude
  • 5 New Heights
  • 6 Karma of a Kingpin
  • 7 Think Twice Interlude
  • 8 Coroner’s Music
  • 9 A Friend’s Help Interlude
  • 10 Back on the Road Again
  • 11 Gone Crazy Interlude
  • 12 Hood Sentence
  • 13 The Preacher’s Wife Interlude
  • 14 Cali Hills
  • 15 Something Bad (Intermission One)
  • 16 Something Good (Intermission Two)
  • 17 Scratch Warning
  • 18 Hold Your Applause Interlude
  • 19 Outside
  • 20 Bow Wow Interlude
  • 21 Mic Check 313
  • 22 Trendsetters
  • 23 100 Styles
  • 24 Outro

  • Release information
    label: Stones Throw Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 0659457224325
    script: Latin