Who Sang Radiation Burn? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 2:42
producer: Katalyst

Yeah, Destro, let's go
You wanna get gas
Your neck got snapped on the petrol
Brace for the impact rhyming tact
My radiation burn reflects pitch black
Darkness unload the cartridge
Put in work unload cigar shit
I was told if I got hit, to hit back harder
Don’t be an easy target
Damn, the bully got punched and cried
Who would have thought he’d be the one who run and hide
I’m a pristine machine, score like Akeem, the dream
Watch me receive the ring
I’m a champion, I don’t care who’s camp he's in
I am about to get ampt again
I feel, strong enough to stamp the win
Trademark here’s a little sampled then
Gather round, I’m the new cool in town, seven mile
My city don’t fuck around
I am a Stone's Throw away from making pay
But if not, everybody’s ducking down
Not a soul can test the technique
No time to play around like a deadbeat
Sun these rappers and I don’t pay child support
Prolly why they barely speak
I gotta check one every week
Seems like, green like, press repeat
I’m on go mode, so blowed
Me and fam just burned through the whole roll
Then I went freestyled the whole show
They like, damn, Guilty dude, clap your hands
Catch me and the crowd giving dap to fans
Vibing off Dead Prez' African
Burning through the half again
Reach across strangers and pass to friends
It’s not a concern
It’s that strong, don’t get a radiation burn
The word superstar means, turn me off and i’ll tell you why
Because the word star means an illusion
It’s something what the puppet calls you

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