Who Sang Rhyme 101? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 2:34
producer: Katalyst

Rhyme 101 ya’ll shouldn’t front on none
Pussy who you is i swear on my two kids
You will be getting smacked from music
I take your gun bitch fuck ya’ll
Car stop pull you better crawl
Cause you can get shot from bars
Hot shit pop from cars
Drive by I’m an animal ah ah
I swear to get my share
I enjoy the air up here
Peasant ass nigga I’m going back to
That unpleasant ass nigga
I saw all you clown back is spec
Pitty ass nigga yea bitch i hate ya’ll too
A shirt couldn’t hook the natural and
I’m still putting my crooks in castles you feeling me
Courtesy of guilty
Folks that with me will be
Potential is a gift based on gift
Can't set my clock to that
Can't get props for that we need piff yeah
You need lift am going to stay at my ankle weights
And run rap when it change paste
To eating off my throw away like paper plates
My blunt object can make your shit look like
The Heidelberg Project let the words digest
Eye test any against progress i guess
I guess a lot of horse shit to say
And my advise to the little kids is go Play
It's grown man rap written with the cold hands
I mapped out my territory i earned my spot
Don't care if it's your turn or not learn to watch
Stak chedda age don't mean shit when you
Rap better get your act together
Before make i make a call and get the Axe together
Me, Sean P black milk and guess who?
I’ll let that purplex you
Mind your business my business in mind to find the time
To give you that chalked out line for lines
I show violent signs
Then purge so wisely choose your words
In the back packer rapper to moving birds
At first heard is first clat
Now show me where your worth’s at
You probably breaking cause your purse is snatched
Don't even think about moving me
I figured you a bum, or you're soon to be
Come on even the fools will see
That even the best will lose to me
I’m blessed fight stress
When I light the bless, I'm your royal highness
I press the issue forcing ya’ll to deal with it
Making this rap shit my meal ticket

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