Who Sang Say What?? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 2:30
producer: Katalyst

Say what i will molly whop you hip hop smoking at my pit stinking through the ziploc
Baggy black maggie
They love me when my shit drops when my cousin rama do in the cabby
And these four wheels you broke heels i got it lock like swimmer windows with gold grills
On the block like trigger spitters and dope deals they getting it on the road still
They don't wanna see a child flourish they rather see them malnourished
Finally getting something and making another wild purchase
Fucked that my experience fits style perfect while worth it
Never crowd serving planted on the ground surface
These other rappers don't concern me
Too busy being G my uncle told me be all i could be
So now Be everywhere repping for the D
You better have cheddar no fuck around with me if you going anywhere you drop it down a fee believe that
I will haymaker yo play makers spray fakers out the window of a grey blazer
Puff that stuff that put you on cloud nine
You regulars please get out the loud line
You eyes don't lie fresh pair of tims no tie
Damn still here somehow this doesn't feel fair
I keep stealing air everytime i go outside
My heads on a swivel van say he had an issue he never lied
The whole hood petrified sly look in the devil's eyes
So i cocked that steel and level guys
Till the devil rise we never hide so i got so they got me checking my weapon
Cause the disrespect in a second and we not the kind you terrorized and terrified
And regret outside of yo net see you gotta respect you hear me hag leery
And experience first hand yo mens black feiry

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