Who Sang The Real Me? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Ode to the Ghetto cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-3-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 2:44
producer: Black Milk

That's how I'm beautiful, right there
What up Black Milk?
Detroit City, let's go

[Verse 1]
Mama got bills, papa got ghost
My new father figure's popping that toast
On the corner where the dopeman boast
Arguing who got the most
Barely got a pot for roast (Starving)
But always have pots for coke
When you're broke the hood got jokes
A lot of brothers doing good got smoked
Many blood stains paint the ave
Makes you wonder what choice we have (Not many)
I chose not to take that path
I ain't tryna feel the DA's wrath
So I push it on the freeway fast
Tryna see another b-day pass
Some think my success won't last
Still I go hard and get cash

Since you don't know
(It's Guilty you feel me, my foes wanna kill me, I can feel it)
One day you gotta go
(And I know but the dough got me dreaming of filthy, I'mma get it)
Since you don't know
(Just pop in the disc and you gettin' the real me, I'm the realest)

[Verse 2]
My friend got killed, his girl got problems
She saw what happened when they robbed him
The block got eyes and ears
The strong survive so dry your tears
Be leery of the guys you speak with
Showing emotion is a sign of weakness
And that's deep shit
Sometimes the ones you beef with are the ones you eat with
And that's sad to say
I hate it that your friends gotta act that way
Money is the root when you stack that pay
They wanna do you like MLK
Catch you on the balcony, shoot you in the head
Face down dead, take all your bread
Haters got setups to murk the ballers
That's why I had to make my circle smaller


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