Who Sang The Time Is Now? Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Detroit’s Son cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-11
length: 2:18
producer: Katalyst

[Verse 1:]
Check the revolution the devil shooting so we shooting back for retribution
For every human getting his rights stripped his forehead gas with night sticks
I feel the pinching of those vice grips yeah we never relent how wrong with fellas and gents
They never got the benefits provided for the peller descents
They notice the scents and check in the vents
But getting it since we only burning incense
It's so intense i’m convince the wrong word will get us benched
They ran his fingerprints we haven't seen him since then dang

Now is the time, the time is now Now is the time
The time is now Now is the time, the time is now
What time is it, the time is now, the time is now

[Verse 2:]
You just another statistic in a world of status stitches and they running ballistics
And according to the statues you did it you broke his fuck without an alibi
Close enough justice neglected them steel braces with the chains connecting them
Its tough raising a son behind glass
Cause young you ain't respecting him so the street greet with open arms
Starting off with street fight and stolen cars graduated to murder one enclosed in bars
He should have notice the cycle and broke it off


[Verse 3:]
Look at your room it's a mess a mess look at your room it's a mess
The snatching baby birds from the nest and pressure burst pipes so they
Gotta send a full court press it's cheaper than beats and mic checks
They watching us through binoculars
With plans to lock us up they plot toughens it's all because we popular the hate that the have for us is not enough so they follow us all day stopping us
Can't live that makes a brother want to fight back back uh

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