Who Sang Wake Up Sleeper? Gungor

Gungor Ghosts Upon the Earth cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-9-19
length: 4:45
Rejoice all you who are poor
The kingdom is yours
The kingdom is yours

Rejoice you jaded and torn
Both sinner and saint
The kingdom is yours

Woe to you religious teachers
Rich and worshiping your book
Woe to you who use His name to justify the souls you took

Wake up, wake up
Oh sleeper from the dead
Wake up

Rejoice you lonely and lost
You sick and despised
All will be made right

Rejoice you cynics and freaks
Those searching for peace
All will be made right

Even you religious teachers
Separating us from them
Heaven's found inside us all
So turn and come alive again

Wake up...

Awaken us, awaken us

Open our eyes and wake us

(let your church now wake up)

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