Who Sang Kid Dreams? Guster

Guster Evermotion cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-6
Genre: Rock
length: 4:14

So there I was, fifteen
Stuck in high school, was no prom king
Zoned out in a daydream
Of a pretty girl, my own beauty queen

I was too shy to talk, I was round and soft
All the kids would drawl, "You got some beady eyes, boy"
Then I’d start to shrink, became too hard to see
They got what they need, I got the beady eyes

You can get what you want
Make a plea to the dark
Not as hard as it seems
Kid dreams

What did I want? What did I need?
I got three squares a day, I got a bed for sleep
I couldn’t shake a deep belief
In a pretty girl who would save me

And then sure enough, they would call my bluff
They’d jab and trip me up, hit right between the eyes, boy
Fill my cuts with salt, slowly I’d dissolve
That was all they saw, boy with beady eyes


Oh God, now here she comes, my perfect lady luck
I never did give up, I never did give up
The once and future king, the best it’s ever been
If only they could see, see with my beady eyes, boy

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