Who Sang Atrophic Cranial Disintegration? Gutslit

Release information
Release Date: 2013-1-21
length: 3:44
As fungus takes over
growing down the vertebrae
Amoeba flowing....in your veins
Coughing blood, choking on worms
Pests feasting....on your toes
Biting nails, exposing flesh
Walking in a pool of blood
Lying in but pain
Grave of maggots
Rotten putrescent
Spine pulled like a rubber band
Stretched to the brink
Fragile nervous system
All seems like a bunch of threads and knots

Time to liberate has finally come
Atrophic cranial disintegration
On your dead corpse I shall rise
As vile a rogue... You shall Die

Your mind only fears the torture
The pain felt when you"re alive
Nobody knows the eternal pleasure
Of mutilating a stalwart being
Her b**** never felt any warmer
With her blood pouring over them now
Slit throat, senseless motionless
Spine twisted hung on innards

Run now, let"s play toy train
You and me. You stop, I slash
Trail of Blood
You jump, I jump
I butcher, you scream
Hands cut, legs cut
Oh f***...You"re limbless

A fist fight for all the glory he could seek.
It was all fun when he was fighting the weak
With every blow to the ribs, his name was born
Deep inside every muscle was torn
He thought he had fought them all, torn every muscle, broken every bone.
His heart wouldn't pound with any fear no more. His flesh wouldn't bleed anymore.
Scars glorified him, them bleeding got all the more interest.
He sported them with joy and boasted to be the strongest man
Like a razor through the flesh, he would make his enemies bleed.
They would cry of pain but his laughter, always louder than their screams.
Blood spat memories on every floor every ring. His bare knuckles seemed powerful than that of steel.
Everywhere I see, I see your body parts
Torn ligaments, pulled tendons, dangling bones
Riverside I sit with a cigar
Dreaming of a merciless killing
With a smooth blade
Slash every throat, cut every limb
Blood rains, red rivers, weeping earth, laughing villains
Fields of organs, crops of decay
Mountains of dead humans, pilled till Eclipse.

  • 1 Prelude to Putrification
  • 2 Pustulated Phallic Enthrallment
  • 3 Offal Barter
  • 4 Circumcised With a Chainsaw
  • 5 Atrophic Cranial Disintegration
  • 6 Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard
  • 7 Pulp Face
  • 8 Maze of Entrails
  • 9 Skewered in the Sewer