Who Sang Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard? Gutslit

Release information
Release Date: 2013-1-21
length: 2:11
Short knife tucked comfortably in my hand
I approach with precision and calm
Slice through the skin deep penetrate
Wrinkled brows sweating blood and pain
Skin opened with a smooth cut
Skull exposed covered with Blood
I lick the blood and savour the fluid
As I hack open the brain inside

Beautiful maze of grey cells
Oozing brain fluid over his face
Live long my friend, Cause I have just begun
To make your brain into a custard
I see the clot, the blood haemorrhage
It won"t hurt long, You won"t feel the pain
I shall bite it off if need be
Suck every single drop of blood
Scooped out ... In a deep sauce pan
Blood poured and cooked on slow flame
Coagulation, concentrated delicate
Brain mashed, nerves and entrails
Poured out, into moulds.....sweet tiny star shaped
Stuffed eyes in the middle....A surprise treat
Set overnight then remoulded stars

  • 1 Prelude to Putrification
  • 2 Pustulated Phallic Enthrallment
  • 3 Offal Barter
  • 4 Circumcised With a Chainsaw
  • 5 Atrophic Cranial Disintegration
  • 6 Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard
  • 7 Pulp Face
  • 8 Maze of Entrails
  • 9 Skewered in the Sewer