Who Sang Skewered in the Sewer? Gutslit

Release information
Release Date: 2013-1-21
length: 2:03
Stench filled drenches
Sweet bliss aromatic sight
These sewers are twisted
Lost deep within one"s mind
Arched, royal, mighty
Filled with all but s***
Now it"s time to..
Time for the Butcher"s Feast
With a long skewer in my (hand)
I shall start piercing
From your urethra to your chin
The sere goes deeper within
Through the spine, every vertebrae
Through the Torso and the Neck
As your blood trickles down
On the Iron Rod
It"s a call for feast for all the rotten and the d***ed
Hung across the walls, your feeble self
Feasted upon you shall be,
From outside and within
Peeled with my claws
Layer by Layer
As the blood trickles
The moment I savour
Your screams get louder
My excitement ... Greater
Wake up my dear friend,
'You"re Skewered in the Sewer'
Death you shall get
Not so soon, Not so quick
Your organs will be devoured
Some whole, some minced
Numbness is the last
Thing you"ll ever feel
Pain is the best friend,
Till death it shall be
Bleeding eyes, Punctured Lungs,
Torn Muscles, Marrow Dripping
Intestines Hanging, Organs Dangling
Is it Heaven that I"m in ?
The sight is soothing
Calming o*****ic
Blood filled sewers
Cartilaginous Choked drains
Skewered Bodies

  • 1 Prelude to Putrification
  • 2 Pustulated Phallic Enthrallment
  • 3 Offal Barter
  • 4 Circumcised With a Chainsaw
  • 5 Atrophic Cranial Disintegration
  • 6 Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard
  • 7 Pulp Face
  • 8 Maze of Entrails
  • 9 Skewered in the Sewer