Who Sang So Rare? Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians

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What is so rare as a day in June?
'Till now we have never been told
The old question's answered by one that is new
What is so rare, dear, as you?

So rare, you're like the fragrance of blossoms fair
Sweet as a breath of air
Fresh with the morning dew
So rare You're like the sparkle of old champagne
Orchids in cellophane
Couldn't compare to you
You are perfection you're my idea
Of angels singing the Ave Maria
For you're an angel, I breathe and live you
With every beat of the heart that I give you
So rare, This is a heaven on earth we share
Caring the way we care
Ours is a love so rare

So rare, You have the warmth of a Schubert air
Charming and debonaire
Those are the words for you
So rare You have a way that's beyond compare
That "one in a million" air
In everything you do
You have that something, that certain manner
You thrill me more than the "Star Spangled Banner"
You stage a love scene, so sweetly tender
And in that love scene I gladly surrender
So rare, to have a future like yours to share
Sweetheart the way we care

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