H & Claire - Centre of My Heart 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2002-11-18
length: 3:28
I often wondered about love
Was it meant for me?
I used to lose myself in dreams
I pictured in my head
How it all should be

But I was wrong, I was so naive
Love's so much better than fantasy

It's like a waterfall
So strong you lose control
When love has reached the centre of your heart
Nothing's impossible
I want the world to know
That love has reached the centre of my heart
Of my heart

I can't believe it feels so good
To have you in my life
I don't have to find the words to say
How much you mean to me
Cause you already know

I was so alone, I was half alive
But you made me whole, now I realize

I always thought I had to find it
Not that it would come to me
Love hits you when you least expect it
Cause the mystery is undefined
A twist of fate and now your mine

Chorus x2

  • 1 All Out of Love
  • 2 DJ
  • 3 Another You Another Me
  • 4 Beauty and the Beast
  • 5 Half a Heart
  • 6 All I Want Is You
  • 7 Centre of My Heart
  • 8 You're a Love Song
  • 9 Two Hearts Beat as One
  • 10 No Turning Back
  • 11 Nothing at All
  • 12 There You Were
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