Who Sang Intro? H

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 0:16
Hi welcome to our ****in' incredible music,
I hope you're gonna listen to it at high volume and
I also hope you're gonna like it a lot as I believe
We're The Suneatshours, the name tells you all and

Here we are gonna teach you how to not waste your time and
We're selling you the recipe to believe that
We've all our life ahead
We'll never be kind

To all of those who don't believe that we can
And we will be right
We're always the same
But we'll never be

A bored generation without dreams to believe in
That's alright
We're alright
And we'll never demean our eyes

Down to the floor
S.E.H. means that you'll never give up
With your dreams
And obviously that your soul will never die

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Disease
  • 3 Clear
  • 4 Flowers
  • 5 Stability
  • 6 No
  • 7 Trench
  • 8 See
  • 9 Destroy You
  • 10 Reefers
  • 11 Reply
  • 12 Old
  • 13 Infection (remix)
  • 14 Do It Yourself (remix)
  • 15 Trench (remix)
  • 16 Disease (remix)