Who Sang Wastelands? Hacksaw to the Throat

Hacksaw to the Throat Wastelands cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-17
length: 10:53
absorb her warmth and let it fade.
return to the cold alone and with strength.
dissolve this weakness and return to the place where you have control of this mind.
forget all those things that now mean nothing,
don't let those lies cause you this pain.
exist in this moment,
it's all that you have.
find purpose in this life that drains.
breaking this silence by breaking this smile.
break away this memory.
of an illusioned time.
the time that seemed flawless is smothered with imperfection.
try again to deny but always it returns.
striving to forget yet the memory lingers.
still inside this mind with no way to release it.
force out this vision,
let these eyes go blind.
broken and discarded.
i've died.
forgotten memories bring new pain.
that are really relics from yesterday.
we created this wasteland.
this is where im buried.
you dug the grave.
i filled it in

CD 1
  • 1 Breaking Point
  • 2 Wastelands
  • 3 Divide By Zero
  • 4 The Descent
  • 5 Erebus
  • 6 Obsidian Sun
  • 7 Cascading Down
  • 8 Destroying the Vile Red Falcon
  • 9 Whisper Perfect Lies