Who Sang Pontifex Vulturi? Haelo

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length: 5:56
(do you still believe there's) something in the way
(a few milliseconds) further time delay
(do you see the little) remainings of the Sun
(do you understand) you're not the only one
(those five planets) standing in a row
(know your limits) have something to show
(everybody look out) people of the Earth
(never gonna measure) how much are we worth
(twenty-eleven) this year or the next
(do we go to heaven) got to be the last
(towel to the head) thumbs up to the sky
(gotta feel bad) it's time to learn to fly

see the rise and fall
the dawning of this world
need no conversation just stare without a word
you can't explain the reason why that moon spins you around
just put the blame on gravity when you fall onto the ground
sometimes it's like thumbs up - hitchhike
sometimes it's like thumbs down

seasons changing up
won't convert the clock
there's no need to stay
got no time to pray
you still have the choice
if you're in trouble
it's hard to avoid
the unpredictable
hear what i suggest
do not hesitate
i want you the best
soon it will be late...
look and see
see the rise and fall
the dawning of the world
remainings of the Sun
think it over and leave it all behind
'coz sometimes it's like your thumbs're up to the sky

thumbs up to the sky...
towel to the head...

sometimes it's like thumbs up. hitchhike
sometimes it's like thumbs down. dislike

CD 1
  • 1 Zero Principle
  • 2 Happiness Hormones
  • 3 The Truth (pt. II)
  • 4 Away
  • 5 Average Coma
  • 6 Before the Storm
  • 7 Pontifex Vulturi
  • 8 Erazer
  • 9 Velvet
  • 10 Freezin'
  • 11 The Truth (pt. III)

  • Release information
    label: Magneoton
    format: CD