Who Sang Crater? Hagfish

Release information
Release Date: 1995-6-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Pop/Punk
length: 1:16
I miss my pillow in my bed
It used to hold your pretty head
So I could smell you when you're gone
I miss the smile upon your head
It holds the words you never said
I wish I could hear them
I wish I could hear them
I want to cradle all your fears
I want to lick up all your tears
I want to wash your dirty feet
And hold you up when you are weak
I miss the little charms you made
I never once thought they were fake
And if they made me fall in love with you
You didn't need them
Sometimes I wish that I could die
And meet you up there in the sky
Cause you're in heaven
Where else would you be?

CD 1
  • 1 Happiness
  • 2 Stamp
  • 3 Flat
  • 4 Bullet
  • 5 Crater
  • 6 Minit Maid
  • 7 White Food
  • 8 Disappointed
  • 9 Plain
  • 10 Buster
  • 11 Trixie
  • 12 Did You Notice
  • 13 Gertrude
  • 14 Hose