Doo Doo Noggin Lyrics - Hagfish

Release information
Release Date: 1998-3-28
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Pop Punk
length: 1:49

I touched you I kissed you I watched you and held me so close to you
I saw you with everyone else and now I don't have nothin' at all
I can't stand another day
I wish you'd just go [where I'll stay] and
Gimme time to find myself
Gimme time to find somebody else
Because I love you and you are still a shithead to me

I kept you, I helped you, I slept with you
I lost you, I miss you, I need you
Now I'm lying like a sniveling fool as you slowly drift far away

I can't stand another day .... etc

You're wonderful You're beautiful And you are still a shithead to me

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