Who Sang Evil Has a Name? Hail the Villain

Hail the Villain Population: Declining cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:26
(Villain) not my hero
(Twisted) infectious man
Somehow you always seem to fail again
(Fake heart) not for healing
(False hope) trick the brain
I think that deep down you believe we're insane
Everybody run
To cauterize the pain, this evil has a name
Hell behind the sun
We consecrate the blame, so evil has a name
(Promise) not for keeping
(Conscience) out of mind
We drift through life believing you're too kind
(Smile) gracious waving
(Wave back) cheer and cry with
One life to fear or live which way we like

[chorus x2]

This constant life of shame
When evil has a name
The sorrow and the pain
A product of the game
Your evil has a name
This evil has a name

  • 1 Take Back the Fear
  • 2 My Reward
  • 3 Runaway
  • 4 16 Cradles
  • 5 Evil Has a Name
  • 6 Try Hating the World
  • 7 Glad to Be
  • 8 Blackout
  • 9 Pyro
  • 10 Mission Control
  • 11 Swan Dive Suicide
  • 12 Social Graces