Who Sang Swan Dive Suicide? Hail the Villain

Hail the Villain Population: Declining cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 5:02
Perfect body rotting, outside still is hiding
There's a killer burning, creeping through my veins
Make me feel distorted, left me here a coward
For running... I'm running... I'm running... run
[chorus x2]
Bow down for me, bow down for me
Feel like I was meant to die but somehow stayed alive

Time that I encounter, call in my surrender
I fear that I won't ever cover up these wounds
Leave the world a sinner, see my soul grew thinner
And thinner... and smaller
The longer I'm alone
[chorus x2]

The fear is so alone
The fear is so lonely
[chorus x2]


Bow down for me... Bow down for me...
I hope it never finds me
I pray it doesn't get me

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