Who Sang Bounce? Half‐A‐Mill feat. Spice 1

Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:02
New York gon' bounce to this
D.C. gon' bounce to this
Houston gon' bounce to this
L.A. gon' bounce to this
A.T.L. gon' bounce to this
N.O. gon' bounce to this
Jersey gon' bounce to this
V.A. gon' bounce to this

Who dat? Blazin the track, Milion really on, from Philly on
And the club spillin down, bouncin
We be gettin it on, that's that ****, keep puttin it on
I'm a hoodlum and a don, smoke mad marijuan'
Where you from *****? Brook-lan, damn right, hoodlum
Raised in the heights, grenades the ice
Faked it twice, laid ya wife, spray AK's in the heist
Laid for 8 days, not to change the ways
Pull a record out, blaze the waves, blaze the A's
Make it bounce, told them not to brake your legs
Brake the stage, make ya day
If you layin up, when we gon' make some way
Make someday, ****, we ain't came to play
Came to stay, comin wit that ill ****
Take it away, bouncin, what we makin 'em say

Miami gon' bounce to this
Chi-Town gon' bounce to this
Connecticut gon' bounce to this
Boston gon' bounce to this
Detroit gon' bounce to this
Carolina's gon' bounce to this
Everybody gon' bounce to this
Alaskans gon' bounce to this

[Spice 1]
Ridin down the block wit a Half A Mill
Tented windows in the Benz, all smokin to kill
We gon' bounce to this, roll a L to this
Put the 5 to the Indo, clown to this
Why go? Gonna let you wit the diamond face
Sippin hennecy bottle, wit the speed to chase
Poppin a collar to this, and thugs holla to this
Throw you rolly in the air, ***** hotter than this
We pullin shorties, up the front of the steps
Takin 'em off to back relax, with Crystal and yak
It don't stop till we hittin the last
Torn sack, gettin stress, never get in Cadillac's
Get in, where you fit in
If it don't fit squeeze, outta make up the cheese
Like drop six-o, hydraulical g's
Junk play in the airport, bouncin keys
Gon bounce from back, and side to side
If you in the club, in the car, doin tonight
Gotta limo good and goin up and down to this
Me & baby 'bout try to make it bounce to this
2 o'clock in the morning, put a pound to this
Too many fish, smokin up an ounce to this
You ain't gotta be in my show to be a star
'cause I'm a thug world, no matter who you are
Take her to bathroom, bounce again
Call up homies, you can call your friends
Everybody on the dance floor get wit this
Me and my ***** Half A Mill, comin sick wit this
It don't stop, livin in the world supreme
All the raps, nothin but a hustle to gleam
Baby come and go in this lick wit me
We can be like Mickey and now Minnie

Seattle gon' bounce to this
Albany gon' bounce to this
Canada gon' bounce to this
Germany gon' bounce to this
The whole Japan gon' bounce to this
France gon' bounce to this
The whole world gon' bounce to this
Everybody gon' bounce to this

Mill Gates, pill hate *****s, still hate
Scratch **** don't work, I'mma deal weight
Peel on jake, and the silver eight
I'm a real live *****, dunn, I kill the face
Kill the snakes, four five, spit it ya face
I leave dead bodies, in the riches of lake
Pushin wild body, five Mill Gates on the place
Me and my dunn, Spice 1 got million to make
Illustrate, nobody can't spit it this great
When I hit it, ***** I'mma penetrate
'cause I don't stop, get it, get it
Bout it, bout it, wit it, wit it
No doubt about it, *****s bounce to this ill ****
Real ****, Brook-lan, what the deal kid
Hydro in the ill whip, ride low
Then I'm wilted, duck 5-0
My name reign double here to Y.O.
New Orleans to San Francisco
Sip Crystal *****, no Sisqo
You can my presence and you roll wit disco
In your six hundred or your broken seven o
Here we go, here we go, your new scenario
This is somethin for your radio
Here we go, here we go, your new scenario
This is somethin for your radio

Thug *****s gon' bounce to this
Thug *****es gon' bounce to this
All my *****s gon' bounce to this
All my *****es gon' bounce to this
In your sixes gon' bounce to this
In your whips gon' bounce to this
Brook-Lan we gon' bounce to this
L.A. we gon' bounce to this

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Tuff Guy
  • 3 What U Ridin
  • 4 New Millennium
  • 5 Quiet Money
  • 6 Don't Go Away
  • 7 Where BK At
  • 8 Fires in Hell
  • 9 Some Niggaz (extended version)
  • 10 Thug Onez
  • 11 Gimme Ya Luv
  • 12 Ghetto Girl
  • 13 Thug Luv
  • 14 Bounce
  • 15 Outro
  • 16 Thuggest Enemy #1