Who Sang Astronauts? Half Acre Day

Release information
Release Date: 2007-11-13
length: 4:46
So this,
this is the afterlife,
For a big man in a small town.
You climb to the top of the standpipe,
And watch all the buildings burn down.
And I'll be at my funeral,
Drink me a nogginful,
And scream, "Why did he have to go?"
Only the Astronauts know.
Only the Astronauts know.

And when I get to heaven,
I'll study my human remains,
Marveling at the sheer thickness,
Of my skull and the state of my brains.
Remembering when I was
tissue and bone and blood,
I don't know how long ago.
Only the Astronauts know.
Only the Astronauts know.

Make friends with the dolphin,
And don't ever fight,
'Cause no matter what,
the dolphin's always right
Because you see they're known to be quite bright.
Have fun with the porpoise,
you swim round and round
Oh what a time you'll have until he drags you down
Oh what fun you'll have until he drags you down
Though you won't last a minute underwater.
And the dolphin won't last long upon the land.
You'll swim along, and sing a song in a language,
you both understand,
both understand,
both understand.
And the rockets' red glare.
Balloons are bursting in the bright summer air.
Life is a poison that we drink from day to day.
Love is a postcard sent from far away.

Take it from me,
You don't want to be,
Hanging around
When my metropolis burns to the ground.
Can it be real?
Can it be true?
I gave up a life of computers for you.

Black clouds are forming,
like honeybees swarming,
But which way the cold wind will blow?
Only the Astronauts know.
Only the Astronauts know.

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