Who Sang Let's Go Javelin'? Half-handed Cloud

Release information
Release Date: 2005-3-1
length: 1:17
Israel in s___tim, some people left them
They slept with harlots it was kind of a big deal
They got all joined-up and siamesed
With a god they had that isn't even real

Yahweh, protect us! Downright infectious!
Soon all Israel be dead(ing)
You're getting Moses to get the judges
They've got to keep that plague from spreading

Oh let's go javelin', Ow! Zimri! Cozbi!

This guy named Zimri, presented Cozbi
(the daughter of the bad guy's president)
Out in the open, in front of Moses
Phinehas chased them both back into their tent

This guy Phinehas was Aaron's grandson
He turned God's wrath and saved a whole lot from destruction
And then there's Cozbi seducing Zimri
Phinehas ran them through with one trust of his javelin

CD 1
  • 1 You Get a Horseshoe
  • 2 Mud...
  • 3 Out of Crudeness: Healing
  • 4 Let's Go Javelin'
  • 5 Ezekiel Bread
  • 6 The Famine's Hard
  • 7 Flea Market Temple
  • 8 Pup-Tent Noah
  • 9 Grandfather Foreskin
  • 10 Quail
  • 11 Thumb/Toe Collection
  • 12 Animals Are Cut in Two
  • 13 Disaster Will Come Upon You and You Will Not Know How to Conjure It Away
  • 14 Jael Peg Caper
  • 15 Everyone Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes
  • 16 Considered It a Loan