Who Sang Praise Awaits You? Half-handed Cloud

Half-handed Cloud Halos + Lassos cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-3-7
length: 1:06
Praise awaits You up on Mt. Zion
To You who hears prayers all men will come
Overwhelmed by sins then you forgave
Buried transgressions in a grave

Blessed are the ones You choose to bring near You and live
In Your courts and in Your temple be
Morning dawns and evening fades
You call forth songs of joy
Ends of earth and to the farthest sea

No one can compare with You our Lord
Every lost dream You restore

We can't get enough of You
We're full of answered prayer
Taking refuge in Your shadow's wings

Dressed in Holy majesty
From the womb of dawn
Finer than the finest of our kings

CD 1
  • 1 Earth Outside of Ghost Will Only Be Quicksand
  • 2 Tongues That Possess the Earth Instead
  • 3 Foot on the Brake
  • 4 Suit of Clouds to Ride the Skies
  • 5 Praise Awaits You
  • 6 Rise to the Heavens on Evaporation
  • 7 Picnic Few Want to Attend
  • 8 In You Now, but Still Below
  • 9 Eyes Peeled
  • 10 You Wouldn't Embarrass Me, Would You?
  • 11 You've Been Faithful to Us Clouds
  • 12 Skip the Rope
  • 13 Celebrating Hearts Aligned
  • 14 They're Bad, but We're Worse
  • 15 Bed That Breathes With Him
  • 16 Feed Your Sheep a Burning Lamp
  • 17 Rainbow = Warbow
  • 18 Tree Replanted Back in Eden
  • 19 Place Your Wind Against My Sails