Who Sang Die Girl? Halfbreed

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 5:07

For all the freaks there pull out your tits so I can suck em
Or put them muther fuckers together and ima fuck em
I wanna see your pussy on my face so I can eat it
Or put your whole fungers in it and ima hit it
Two years ago a good friend of mine
Said come on through and we can do in a line
Fuck that I took her girlfriend by her arm
Jumped in the love machine and rolled along
Pulled over and parked and she got butt naked
Said she was a virgin and she wanted me to take it
Punk ass bitch ho trampin ass slut
Lets run it to the telly if you wanna fuck
Bitch couldn't wait grabbin my dick like a pro
Put it all up in her mouth then she started to blow
All I smelled was her pussy the bitch is gettin pushy
I hit it frm the back steady slappin her tooshie
Bustin mad nuts from D-town to Cali
M-m-moanin in the valley you wanna ralley
So I pulled in and and got the bitch a common meal
Deep throatin and we chillen in my automobile


Die bitch you hoes ain't shit
Get off my dick before I bust your lip
Dont even trip bitch ima cut your throat
Start suckin on my dick till ya choke (2x)

I was mashin through the city the smell of pussy was thick
Pulled over a combo a black and white chick
Reached for the mint tic-tac on my tongue
Gots to keep it fresh in case I'm eatin em
She started talkin fuck it I take it
Sols head between het legs started shakin she levitatin
OH I need a breath lookin for a girl I know she still here though
Damn I feel her tongue in my asshole
I started mumblin humblin started the bitin
She ain't understandin that that shit excites me
Other chicks pulle dout with they first chance
Confrontation on this shit and then I came whats her name
Started the singin if I was startin to feel the music
Like I was called marmaduka super duper
They gettin at me check the engine and shit
Put out the pistol clip on the girls and dump the evidence


I'm a maniac I hit it form the back tight thug
Rockin GHB into your beer mug
Gimme a hug spank ho dont even fight it
Do whatever with my dick it dont matter just dont bite it
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lemme pull out my dick and ima nut it on your tits
Bitch I dont wanna be friedns I dont wanna be friends with you
Unless you get down on your back for the whole crew
Yea you witht he ass and no bra
Whos pussy look wrapped like Niagra Falls
You best to know this ho that I ain't no joke
Cus ima slam it an di crash and make sure its broke
Like a poclet you jock it bitch you ain't heard
Ima suck up on your clit like word
Clean your butt to the hip hop hippity hip hop
Your lips mad loose like a flip flop
Oh well I busted in her and the ho fell
I looked into her eyes and she was scared as hell
Fuck I'm in the studio bustin old raps
And this bitch got a to year old trap
Wicked as hell but he dont even cry though
First to words out his mouth was Dada
Shut the fuck up pussy ain't worth the riot
I'm in denial when I'm cruisin down 7 mile


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Serial Killaz
  • 3 Out Our Shit
  • 4 Merry Halloween
  • 5 Fuck Halloween
  • 6 Die Girl
  • 7 In Our Blood