Who Sang Weaving Sorrow? Halford

Halford Crucible cover art
Release information
Writer(s): John Baxter, Patrick Lachman, Rob Halford
Release Date: 2002-6-21
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 3:29
writer: Rob Halford, Patrick Lachman, John Baxter
You never know me
Cause I won't let you in
Not all I am
Is on the surface

Always concealing what
Is lying within
Ain't feelin' guilt
When there's no purpose

It's too late
To turn around
No tomorrow

Obvious truths are for
The dumb and the weak
Go on pretending in your fake world

Bring your insanity but don't ever speak
Your ****ing life is like a circus

It's too late
To turn around
No tomorrow

It's your fate today
You're weaving sorrow

CD 1
  • 1 Park Manor
  • 2 Crucible
  • 3 One Will
  • 4 Betrayal
  • 5 Handing Out Bullets
  • 6 Hearts of Darkness
  • 7 Crystal
  • 8 Heretic
  • 9 Golgotha
  • 10 Wrath of God
  • 11 Weaving Sorrow
  • 12 Sun
  • 13 Trail of Tears
  • 14 Rock the World Forever
  • 15 In the Morning